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At Luminovo, we are all deep learning natives. Our current team is made up of best-in-class engineers from Stanford University, ETH Zurich, TUM and CDTM. After stints at Google, Intel, and McKinsey, our two founders met at Stanford University and decided to relocate to Munich in 2017 to help European businesses accelerate the adoption of deep learning.

The name Luminovo (“new light”) is a play on the famous quote by our machine learning professor Andrew Ng: “AI is the new electricity.” We could not agree more and see it as our mission to help our clients get the wiring right and enable them to turn on the lights.

We love to work with exceptional people on interesting problems. So far, our clients include startups from Silicon Valley, mid-sized German companies, as well as established DAX corporations.

The Core Team

Sebastian Schaal

Sebastian graduated top of his class from TU Munich and the CDTM. During his MSc at Stanford he focused on management science and machine learning. He worked as a consultant at McKinsey before returning to engineering at Intel and deep tech startups.


Timon Ruban

Timon graduated top of his class from ETH Zurich. During his MSc at Stanford he dug his heels into deep learning. He helped teach Andrew Ng’s machine learning class, applied computer vision algorithms at Google’s smart imagery team, and engaged in cutting edge research.


Sebastian Schuon

Sebastian is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He was CTO and co-founder of Stylight, which he successfully exited to P7S1. He also graduated from the CDTM and Stanford, where he published his research at leading conferences, including his work on human AI hybrid solutions.


Prof. Dr. Oliver Hoffmann

Oliver is an economist as well as an entrepreneur. He founded several successful companies and joined several advisory board positions. He graduated from TU München, the CDTM and the ETH Zurich - holding a PhD and a professorship for innovation management. With his broad academic background he adds to the topics of AI economical impact and its business application.

Lead Strategist

Marlon Metzger

Before joining Luminovo, Marlon was heading the Machine Learning department at Ada Health, where he and his team built world-leading AI for medical diagnosis. Marlon holds a Physics degree from LMU Munich and is an enthusiastic online-learner.

‍Deep Learning Project Lead

Tomas Ostaševičius, PhD

Tomas graduated from the University of Cambridge thrice. During his PhD, he came up with and implemented new multidimensional image analyses, contributing them to the open-sourced HyperSpy toolbox.‍

Deep Learning Engineer

Magnus Jahnen

Magnus holds a masters degree in Computer Science from TUM (best 10%) as well as an honours degree in Technology & Management from CDTM. In 2016, he was a visiting researcher at Stanford University before joining Mercedes-Benz to do research in the field of Deep (Inverse) Reinforcement Learning in the context of autonomous driving.

Deep Learning Engineer

Dr. Bonnie Chow

Bonnie’s first use of machine learning was to isolate the Higgs boson signal, as part of her PhD at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and CERN. She holds degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge and has considerable experience in full-stack software engineering.

Deep Learning Engineer

Sebastian Fellner

Sebastian started programming at the age of 12, and is now heading towards his Master in Computer Science at TUM. He wrote his bachelor thesis about reinforcement learning applied to autonomous driving. Additionally, he was already working in several academic AI projects, including a computer-vision/autonomous-driving project at a Munich based agriculture-tech startup.

‍Deep Learning Engineer

Aljoscha von Bismarck

Aljoscha graduated with a BSc from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Industrial Engineering & Management. During his MSc at KIT and the ETH Zurich Aljoscha focused on data analytics and deep learning. Prior to Luminovo, he worked as a Data Analyst and Research Associate in the field of strategic wargaming and competitive intelligence.

Solution Architect

Zeno Fox

Zeno is currently studying Management and Technology at TUM, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Informatics. He is also part of START Munich. Previously, he was a Junior Ambassador of the European Parliament and built his own software startup in the fashion industry.

Growth Manager

Nikolas Kratz

Nikolas is currently studying Management and Technology at TUM with a minor in computer science. Before joining Luminovo, he gained practical and international experience through own projects in mobile app development and his internships at Siemens and BASF Hong Kong.

Growth Manager

Erin Bacsy

Erin holds a BSc in Organisational Psychology and Statistical Research Methods from the University of Cape Town. After her studies she dedicated a year to researching sustainable development initiatives in Southern Africa. Her primary interests lie in change management psychology, psychometrics and organisational culture.

Human Resources & Recruiting Manager

Arianna Dorschel

Arianna is currently completing her BSc in Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews, with a focus on Computational Neuroscience. Previously, she has done research at Tuebingen University, St Andrews Perception Lab, and Harvard Medical School. Her primary interest lies in computer vision.


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