For businesses and their developers that are eager to automate repetitive intelligence tasks. Our tooling products are built to radically speed up the time spent in training models and making them production-ready, without compromising performance. We allow you to build deep learning systems tailored to your use-cases that act side-by-side with your current employees, taking on the repetitive tasks and leaving the challenging ones to the human. This allows you to increase productivity, save costs, and create new opportunities.



AURA TRAIN helps you start your deep learning use-case when the absence of labeled training data might otherwise be a hindrance. We closely integrate the labeling task with the actual training of the model, and by leveraging active learning minimize the need for human interaction. In addition, we speed up the development process by automating the exploration and tuning of your deep learning models.



AURA DEPLOY helps you engage your deep learning models in production faster than current market solutions, creating immediate ROI without compromising performance. The model operates in a hybrid fashion, working alongside human experts to help make their workflow and decision making more efficient. Simultaneously, our automated retraining system ensures that the model continuously learns and improves by studying human interaction with the most difficult cases.


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