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Accelerating Technological Progress

We want to bring innovations faster to everyone by reducing the time and resources needed to go from an idea to a market-ready electronic product. We believe that electronics development needs a new fundamental data and software layer that rethinks processes for OEMs, EMS, and distributors in order to accelerate technological progress.
We call it the Electronics Operating System.

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The Challenges We See

Electronic products are the pacemaker for technological progress, but their development is extremely time and resource-intensive. This is because when it comes to its own processes, the electronics industry does not yet use its large potential for innovation.

current value chain processes in ems industry

We see three main reasons

Nedded expert knowledge as a reason for challenges of EMS industry
Electronics engineering is a very costly process that requires expert knowledge.
design iterations as a reason for challenges of EMS industry
Imperfect information leads to suboptimal designs that have to be re-engineered.
Traditional processes as a reason for challenges of EMS industry
Manual and legacy-tooling-driven processes create a lot of overhead and friction.

The Approach We Take

We envision a world in which overhead costs are minimized, iterations happen in real-time, and engineering is faster and easier.

Goal electronics value chain

We believe that we can build software which can dramatically improve the development of hardware.
The next-generation of processes should be more:

Luminovo builds EMS RfQ solution that is collaborative


Through our cloud-native approach to software, we reduce the interface friction between OEMs, EMS, and distributors, providing a completely new experience to interaction in the electronics value chain.
Luminovo builds EMS RfQ solution that is data-driven


By managing the data all in one place, we allow it to be shared across the value chain and enable process insights that drive decision-making.
Luminovo builds EMS RfQ solution on the principle of automation


From querying multiple APIs and juggling thousands of datapoints to using machine learning to handle more complex processes - automation is a key ingredient to our vision.

The Electronics Operating System

Based on these principles, we are building the fundamental data and software layer - the EOS. We are taking on core processes and are integrating them with other best of breed tools to form the future software stack in electronics. This brings benefits to multiple key stakeholders of the electronics value chain.

electronics industry oem icon

For OEMs

We can help you design better electronic products and simplify your procurement efforts.
EMS icon


We can help you streamline your RfQ processes and coordinate your value chain's stakeholders with ease.
EMS industry distributor icon

For Distributors

We can help you get integrated earlier in the sourcing process and add downstream value even faster.

The Luminovo Advantage

We are obsessed with understanding customer problems and building solutions for them. Despite our strong affinity to the electronics industry, we have not been working in it for the last 20 years - which is a good thing!
Our customers own the problems - we own the solutions.

Our solutions are fueled by the DNA of our team

Luminovo builds RfQ solution that is UX-obsessed


We think enterprises deserve a better UX than that provided by current software systems. Our designers & engineers work hard every day to provide a consumer-grade UX to our customers.
Luminovo builds RfQ solution that is cloud-based


We believe in the cloud as one of the core enablers for modern software. We think API-first, leveraging a lot of exceptional tooling behind the scences.
Luminovo builds RfQ solution that is AI-driven


Our team of AI engineers is dedicated to unlock value for our customer from data. This allows us to rethink processes, combining the best of human and artificial intelligence.

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