Electronics Operating System

With the help of intelligent software and deep learning, we simplify and accelerate your
electronics development and production processes.

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Our Goal

We are building the electronics engineering operating system of the future to reduce the time and resources needed to go from idea to market-ready electronic circuit board.

What We Believe In

Eliminate Interface Friction

  • In electronics engineering, a lot of work still resides in silos.
  • Tools use proprietary file formats and important pieces of information are scattered around the web on the pages of parts manufacturers and distributors.
  • We want to break up these silos to unlock the full potential of the data.
Electronics Manufacturing Software Eliminates Interface Friction
Electronics Manufacturing Quotation Software enables design for excellence

Enable Design for Excellence

  • Suboptimal decisions in the design process can have a significant impact that only unveils later in the process, causing costly re-iterations.
  • We want to enable the designer to make the best decisions regarding cost, availability, manufacturability, testability, and conformity.
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Automate Repetitive Work

  • From extracting information from data sheets, resolving messy BOMs to find each part's price and availability to doing routing and placement of a PCB: electronics engineering is teeming with opportunities for automation and new algorithms in artificial intelligence are here to free us from the most repetitive tasks
Electronics Quotation Software allows for automatic repetitive work

Infineon Case Study

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Infineon designs and produces chips. Chip verification requires lengthy testing to reach functional coverage. We built
an unsupervised novelty detection algorithm that reduced redundancy in simulations. Thereby, we saved Infineon Technologies 2,400,000 hours of computational time, saved a double-digit million amount per chip design, and decreased time-to-market by 3 months.

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