Hybrid Platform

To speed up your workflows, our hybrid platform leverages the best of human intelligence and deep learning.
The platform takes on repetitive data labeling, data monitoring and data extraction tasks and leaves only the challenging cases to your team.

How It Works

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Use Cases

If you have a process for which accuracy is more important than full automation and where human-AI-interaction is possible, then our hybrid platform is the optimal solution.

There is a broad range of applications for our hybrid platform.
Here are examples from different industries to give you a better understanding.

Standard Workflow

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Hybrid Workflow

Flow chart of integrating hybrid platform into input and output process

An insurance case involves many different documents. Typically, insurance companies employ hundreds of workers to classify the incoming documents and extract information. With our hybrid platform, most of the work is taken care of automatically. For the remaining cases, the platform highlights the most likely case, lets the employees decide and learns from their decision.

Standard Workflow

Hybrid Workflow

The maintenance of solar plants involves screening solar panels using thermal cameras to detect anomalies. Consequently, energy companies employ many workers to inspect vast amounts of images and videos. Since humans cannot focus on such tasks for long, with an increasing amount of time spent on the task, the risk of errors made increases. Our hybrid platform does most of the work and passes only few cases to employees, substantially reducing their workload and improving the quality of their checks.

Standard Workflow

Hybrid Workflow

ID verification consists of multiple steps. Checking the validity of the document itself, extracting relevant information from it and ensuring that the person whose identity is being considered is real. Then, the picture in the ID is compared to the face of the real person. In many cases, all steps can be automated. However, traditional AI might struggle with matching the picture in the ID with a person's face when the picture in the ID is outdated. Here, our hybrid platform thrives by drawing on human abilities for matching person and picture when needed, but taking care of the other steps. Also, the platform learns from the decision of employees, improving its performance with similar cases in the future.

Increased Productivity

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Save time and let your team focus on complex tasks.

Increased Profitability

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Reduce labor costs and scale your operation.

Improved Accuracy

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Eliminate human errors and improve client confidence.


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Our platform seamlessly blends with your team and infrastructure.


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Our platform's performance improves continuously, no manual revision required.


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The intuitive interface enables non-technical teams to use the platform.

Recent Examples of Our Work

ProSieben logo

ProSiebenSat 1, the largest German media company, needs to scan all media content for nudity. With humans, they do it by sampling and risk incurring huge fines. We built a model that automatically scans nudity in all media content and gets feedback from humans to keep learning. Our ready-to-deploy model achieved an automation rate of 30% already in the first model. Based on the success of the first project, we continue a co-development of our hybrid deep learning platform.

IDnow logo

IDnow verifies ID documents. In the past, they did this by live video authentication with human experts. Our solution checks the validity of holograms from video to prevent fraud. It contributes to IDnow’s new product line “AutoIdent” and decreased the costs per ID by 96% (from €2.5 to €0.1).

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