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We're Luminovo.
A Munich-Based Software Company Going on an Adventure.

Our first stop? Building a data-driven and collaborative RfQ engine, LumiQuote. We want LumiQuote to help EMS and OEM companies bring their innovations to life (but much faster).

RfQ? EMS? OEM? It's all got to do with the electronics industry. We promise we're not making this stuff up.

It's actually quite simple.
Almost everyone interacts with some kind of innovation from the electronics industry (count how many you're interacting with right now). Yet, few people realize what happens behind the scenes, and what it really takes to bring these life-changing products to your doorstep.

This is where we come in. To really understand what it is we do, check out this article.

A Short Primer on the Electronics Industry

It's Exciting

To work on something that can potentially impact every person you know. This is what it means to us when we say: 'We're working on something for the electronics industry'.
It's this, plus our company values and a few other things that make working at Luminovo awesome. Check them out below.

Putting People First

Luminovo Work Culture Trust Icon
Trust each other

Be honest. Be open. Be respectful. Value transparency and provide a safe zone where others can be vulnerable.

Luminovo Work Culture Feedback Icon
Embrace feedback

Show appreciation and let others know what you think! Do not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

Luminovo Fun Work Culture Icon
Have fun

Be yourself and enjoy the time together. If you did not laugh, it was a wasted day.

Building Great Things

Luminovo Impactful Work Culture Icon
Focus on impact

Begin with the end in mind and let measurable outcomes guide your actions. Put solutions over problems.

Luminovo Proactive Work Culture Icon
Be proactive

Act if you see an opportunity to help. Take ownership of your work and earn autonomy.

Luminovo Learning Work Culture Icon
Keep learning

Be curious. Personal growth leads to company growth.


of our team prefer chocolate to protein bars


are our take-out of choice


of our parents do not exactly understand what we do


of our team are originally not from Munich

1 employee

has run a marathon (but the rest aren't all couch potatoes)


is the largest height difference between our team members (but size doesn't matter)

5 meal replacements

have been tried by our team so far

17 different flavors of tea

including Strawberry Cheesecake

Become a Luminerd Today

We're a mish-mashed team of electrical engineers, product enthusiasts, deep-learning engineers and business talents. We work really hard, trust each other, and have made continuous learning a focal-point of our culture. We have a psychologically safe environment, that we work on all the time, and want to foster a space where interpersonal risk taking is encouraged.
As problem solving enthusiasts, we love working with a diverse group of people on complex issues. Our team comes from all kinds of backgrounds, including some cool institutions like Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, CDTM, and TUM. Though, to be honest, we're just trying to impress you with these names, but actually we've removed all requirements (like fancy university degrees) from our job descriptions - check out why below.

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