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Make your RfQs 80% faster with LumiQuote

The next generation software for EMS providers that moves your entire quoting process into one workspace - without the need to switch between spreadsheets and emails.

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LumiQuote helps you to

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Reduce manual work

By automatically processing BOMs and directly integrating distributors.
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Achieve higher margins

By suggesting the best prices for the parts that you need.
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Enable faster responses

By allowing for quick communication with internal and external stakeholders.

What our customers say

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Client Dr. Ralf Hasler, CEO Lacon Electronic GmbH

Dr. Ralf Hasler

CEO, Lacon Electronic GmbH

In the past, we developed a software internally to deal with the complexity of RfQ management and calculations. This is why we recognized the potential of LumiQuote for our processes and our business early. With the help of Luminovo we are now moving away from our Excel-based processes and into a truly digital age of quoting and calculation.

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Marc Kessler, CEO Kessler Systems GmbH, Testimonial

Marc Kessler

CEO, Kessler Systems GmbH

In the highly competitive EMS market, we want to continuously develop our current processes in order to further strengthen our market position as an innovator in the EMS industry against our competition. By choosing Luminovo, we firmly believe that our customers will directly benefit from shorter response times and resulting in faster quoting and lead times for their products.

Binder Elektronik GmbH Logo
Client Christian Rückert, CEO, Binder Elektronik GmbH

Christian Rückert

CEO, Binder Elektronik GmbH

I have found Luminovo to be extremely customer-centric, actively listening to the needs of individual users in order to develop an EMS quoting tool that not only helps but is also enjoyed by everyone. Working with the team is generally extremely pleasant, open, and collaborative at all levels.

Binder Elektronik GmbH Logo
Client Gerd Ohl, MD, Limtronik GmbH

Gerd Ohl

Managing Director, Limtronik GmbH

Estimating the manufacturing costs for a new assembly was always a cumbersome and time consuming process. Partnering up with Luminovo helps us to fundamentally rethink our approach and develop a more concise and automated process inspired by industry wide best practices. It's a pleasure to work with the team in such an open, innovative and trustful manner.

Customers experience up to


faster RFQ processing


higher win-rates


BOM processing accuracy


Complete your RfQs at Lightning Speed

Our AI based software enables you to quickly extract all important information from 95% of Excel based BOMs and helps you automate subsequent process steps. Through our intuitive design and intelligent automation, we allow for faster processing speed and easy onboarding of new users.

Sourcing Automation

  • Integrate List and Contract Prices from your preferred suppliers
  • Compare Sourcing Scenarios based on different order quantities
  • Get notifications when supplier stock levels are replenished to initiate purchases
Electronic Component Sourcing Automation

Manufacturing Costing

  • Set-up expenses, activities and custom calculation rules
  • Create cost drivers based on specific BOM parameters
  • Calculate and automate your entire quotation process end-to-end
Manufacturing Costing Module

Data Integrations

  • Connect your ERP System and integrate Internal Part Numbers
  • Establish API based connections with Distributors and PCB Suppliers
  • Communicate through a Customer Portal to resolve issues seamlessly
Electronics Distributor and Supplier Integrations

Learn about all the modules we offer

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Can I trial before paying?

Yes, we offer a free trial or a proof of value (POV) phase depending on your requirements. After submitting your email we will get in touch with you to better understand how we can support and enable you to use LumiQuote.

How do I connect contract prices?

Connecting contract prices is simple. We have a well documented process and our customer success team will always assist you with requesting API Keys from preferred distributors.

Can I integrate my ERP system?

Connecting and synchronizing your ERP system with LumiQuote brings great advantages and reduces the amount of manual input required. This can be done via API or automated .csv imports from your ERP.

How secure is my data?

Data security is a top-level management priority. All data hosting solutions (provided by Microsoft Azure) are fully compliant with ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Luminovo is furthermore GDPR-compliant and access to our servers is protected from denial-of-service attacks using Cloudflare’s always-on DDoS protection.
For enterprise plans we offer the option to secure your logins with multi-factor authentication.

Can LumiQuote also help me with messy BOMs?

Leveraging our AI background, we have developed a BOM importer which can detect even the messiest BOMs. We suggest to bring a BOM to one of our meetings to show you the magic.

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