AI Consulting

If your company is starting to explore artificial intelligence to solve your business problems, our services will be able to support you throughout your journey - from increasing awareness and a general understanding of AI to taking the first steps towards implementation.

AI Training

For Executives & Teams
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We introduce your company to the AI knowledge it must have in 2020.

  • Workshops and talks for your team
  • Introduction to the fields of AI and its domains
  • Tailored to the knowledge of your team

Use-Case Discovery

For Executives & Teams
Use-Case Discovery in AI Consulting Icon

Together, we find new solutions to boost the performance of your business.

  • Exploring problems that have potential for your business
  • Analyzing your company’s data
  • Developing solutions utilizing design-thinking methodology

Tech Due Diligence

For VCs & Department Heads
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We put the technical aspects of external AI solutions to the test for you.

  • Investigation of the data quality and the training model used
  • Analysis of the performance and quality of the model
  • Review of the general architecture and technical scalability

Recent Examples of our Work

For AI Training

Arvato AI Consulting Project Icon

For Arvato, we were part of a workshop which was entered on artificial intelligence and its many uses in businesses. Apart from distinguishing the different forms of artificial intelligence such as AI, machine learning and deep learning, we also explored the potentials and constrains that AI faces in this age and the numerous possible uses it could have in the future.

For Use-Case Discovery

Bertelsmann AI Consulting Logo

With Bertelsmann, we deep-dived into several AI use-cases and developed actionable plans on how they can be executed. A few use-cases that were elaborated on were image/video-based, text-based, time-series and tabular data. After the evaluation of these use-cases, we provided support in the prioritisation of these use-cases and how Bertelsmann can push the concept paper forward.

For Tech Due Diligence

Munich RE AI Consulting Logo

We offered our expertise to Munich RE in deep learning computer vision projects and conducted an expert assessment of the "remote industries" model. Alongside analyzing the data and models used with relevant metrics, we also took into account the scalability and relevancy of the tools.

What Our Clients Say

TIER AI Machine Learning Consulting Project
Thomas Ascioglu Profile

Thomas Ascioglu

R&D Lead at TIER Mobility

"Timon worked hands-on with our R&D team to move from prototyping to production-ready ML models within 2 days. With his expert domain knowledge he could give us a clear framework of how to approach ML projects from beginning to end."

Waldorf Frommer AI Consulting Project
Axel Gillessen Profile

Axel Gillessen

Partner, Waldorf Frommer

"The workshop with Luminovo was conscientiously prepared and further sharpened our understanding of Artificial Intelligence applications and frameworks. With the help of the workshop, we gathered further valuable impulses for our use of AI."

IDEAL Versicherung AI Consulting Project
Dr. Arne Barinka Profile

Dr. Arne Barinka

Member of the Executive Board,
IDEAL Versicherung

"AI masterclass with Luminovo: illuminating, inspiring, always on the lookout for practical relevance and use cases. Recommended introduction to a concrete consideration of the use of AI in your company."

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