We solve business problems with deep learning. From building and integrating reliable deep learning systems into your organization to taking advantage of the many benefits of artificial intelligence, you have our utmost support. With us, your data will be utilized to its fullest potential.

Our customers

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How We Can Help You

No matter what stage your business is at, we can help you realize the full potential of your data.

Images & Video

We help you make sense of images and videos. Our solutions can detect, locate and track people, objects and motions.

Documents & Text

Our solutions understand text. This helps especially with document-related workflows, where information should be extracted and processed automatically.

And more

We have also helped our clients on topics like detection anomalies, automation control or predictions on time-series data.

Leverage Your Data with the Electronics Operating System

Leverage Your Data

We are experts in extracting information from unstructured data - such as images, videos and text - allowing us to supercharge processes with intelligent modules.

Discover your hidden potential in EMS Quoting System

Discover Hidden Potential

We help you uncover new potential of existing processes and understand how intelligent software applications based on artificial intelligence can make a difference for you.

Speed up your processes in Electronics Manufacturing Quotation

Speed-up Your Processes

We are highly skilled at building software that streamline workflows in your organization and are able to learn from the get-go, hence getting smarter over time.





Time series


What We Offer

We guide you along the entire journey - from understanding and pioneering new AI use-cases, to creating and deploying reliable deep learning systems. Moreover, we are also developing bespoke solutions for the electronics industry.

AI Consulting

We support you throughout your entire AI journey - from individual trainings, to the search for potential AI use cases in your company, up to technical due diligence.

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Luminerd in AI Solutions - proof-of-concept or ready-for-production

AI Solutions

We dive deep into your individual business problems and use the right metrics to evaluate them before coming up with a proof-of-concept or a ready-for-production solution.

Hybrid Processing

With our Hybrid Processing infrastructure, we use the best of human intelligence and deep learning to symbiotically take repetitive workflows to a new level.

Luminerd in Hybrid Processing for text, image or documents

Our AI Solution Scope

We support you along the entire journey from understanding AI and pioneering new use-cases, to building and deploying reliable deep learning systems.


Our experts analyze your company and develop new ways to incorporate AI into your core product or business processes.

Hybrid AI Platform

We speed up repetitive image & text workflows in your company with our platform, combining AI and human intelligence.

Tailored AI Systems

We build scalable AI products tailored to your needs and help you deploy them seamlessly into your organization.

Unser KI Lösungsumfang

Wir unterstützen Sie auf der gesamten Reise, vom Verstehen von KI bis zur Umsetzung, Bereitstellung, und Skalierung zuverlässiger und effizienter Deep Learning Systeme in Ihrem Unternehmen.


Unsere Experten analysieren Ihr Unternehmen und erschließen neue Wege, KI optimal in ihre Kernprodukte oder Geschäftsprozesse zu integrieren.


Mit unserer Plattform beschleunigen wir repetitive Bild- und Textverarbeitungsstrecken in Ihrem Unternehmen, die die Stärken von menschlicher und künstlicher Intelligenz kombiniert.

Maßgeschneiderte KI-Systeme

Wir entwickeln skalierbare KI-Produkte, die auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind und helfen Ihnen diese nahtlos in Ihrem Unternehmen einzusetzen.

What Our Clients Say

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Dr. Arne Barinka Profile

Dr. Arne Barinka

COO, IDEAL Versicherung

"Luminovo has managed to inspire our development team for future AI tasks in a short time through their trustful and inspiring way of working. The functionalities of the jointly developed prototype for our product search on the website go far beyond the goals set at the beginning. Great!"

IDnow Luminovo Electronics Operating System Logo
Armin Bauer Profile

Armin Bauer

Managing Director, IDnow

"Luminovo met the expection of being one of the best in their field. Our close collaboration allowed us to launch our fully-automatic verification solution Autoident, that cuts down the costs per identification by 96%. ‍In that, Luminovo built a system that verifies the authenticity of ID documents based on security features."

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Annina Neumann Profile

Annina Neumann

VP Data Technology, Pro7Sat1 Media

"As part of our AI initiatives, we are working together with Luminovo to build a Hybrid Processing infrastructure. Luminovo contributes with its profound expertise and fresh innovative ideas. The cooperation is trusting, open and fun."

DataGuard Electronics Manufacturing Quotation System
Kivanc Semen Profile

Kivanc Semen

Co-Founder, DataGuard

"Luminovo's Hybrid Processing infrastructure enables us to automate complex processes as part of our DataGuard platform. As an example, the AI system observes our lawyers reviewing data privacy agreements and learns from their actions, increasing the automatic processing rate over time."

Mahag Electronics Manufacturing Quotation Software
Holger Laur Profile

Holger Laur

Head of Fleet Sales, MAHAG Group

"As part of a PoC, we commissioned Luminovo to create an AI sales application. Within a very short time, we had a fully functional application. They are very fast in the implementation and their employees have a very deep knowledge. We particularly liked the fact that we did not focus on PowerPoint slides but were able to implement our wishes and ideas hands-on in record time."

Linde Electronics Manufacturing Quotation logo
Sundeep Patil Profile

Sundeep Patil

Senior Data Scientist, Linde

"Luminovo's team did an awesome job at accelerating ideas in a deployable prototype. They were open-minded, collaborative, and constantly engaging with our team to ensure we achieve the expected end results."

Infineon Electronics Manufacturing Quotation Tool Logo
Ulrich Nerz Profile

Ulrich Nerz

Senior Director R&D, Infineon

"The collaboration with Luminovo broke new grounds for us in the field of machine learning for functional verification in hardware development. Their tailored solution is unique in the EDA market and offers potential savings of over 60% in computational costs for us."

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