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Luminovo Partner Network

We create an ecosystem of collaborators and innovators in the electronics industry to reduce data silos and bring players in the supply chain closer together.

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Why partner with Luminovo?

Luminovo is the fastest growing software provider in the electronics industry. We integrate our partners into Luminovo's Software Suite and enable our EMS and OEM customers to access real-time information on price, lifecycle, availability, lead time, and compliance of parts at the push of a button.

Luminovo partner benefits: visibility


Directly access and position yourself in front of our customers right before procurement decisions happen.

Luminovo partner benefits: digitalization


Digitalize your workflows so that any changes in part information are transferred to EMS and OEMs immediately and automatically.

Luminovo partner benefits: ease of use

Ease of use

Easily integrate into Luminovo through our API approach and profit from our partnership in no time.

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