For businesses committed to embedding artificial intelligence in their organization. We turn state-of-the-art research into reliable deep learning systems. This includes conceptual deep dives with your most promising use-cases, data analysis and preparation, development of cutting edge deep learning algorithms, as well as the integration and roll-out with the right infrastructure.



After identifying the right use-case we help you to conceptualize and build the first version of the system to prove technical feasibility and business value. We support in data collection and preparation, develop and train a functional model, and package it into a suitable format. We initiate knowledge-transfer and work together with your DevOps team to ensure a proper integration.



If you have already validated your use-case, we help you to transfer the proof-of-concept into a production-ready system by boosting its performance and ensuring scalability. We leverage our years of experience implementing state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to build a deep learning system tailored to your business and designed to deliver measurable results. We help you deploy the system in production and gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors.


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