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The Modern Software Solution for PCB Suppliers

Combine the visualisation, analysis and adaption of PCBs in one tool and quote PCBs in less than five minutes.

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Stackrate is the first full-featured cloud-based RfQ software designed for PCB manufacturers and PCB brokers.

Speeding up existing processes

Stackrate simplifies the quoting process to generate precise quotes for even complex PCBs in a matter of minutes.

Enhancing communication

Stackrate increases the collaboration of the electronics industry and enhances the customer experience by involving customers early in the RfQ process.

Stackrate modules

Stackrate currently combines six innovative web modules which are able to visualise, analyse and adapt PCBs. Each of the modules can either exist on a stand-alone basis or be integrated into already existing systems, thereby not losing their separate qualities. Each of the modules is developed to mirror the manufacturers’ precision, knowledge, ability and passion, because we think PCB manufacturing processes deserve a tool to do that.

3D Gerber Viewer

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We offer the most advanced solution for online visualisation and measurement of PCBs. You can view the PCB from all sides, in an exploded form, and even analyse netlists in 3D.


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Stackrate analyses the uploaded Gerber files and converts them to the innovative Stackrate format that helps us determine relevant details of the design like clearance or trace width within a few seconds.

Stackup Editor

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Our innovative online design-tool for PCB stackups will help you to create even complex layerstacks in just a few minutes. It comes with a substantial database of PCB raw materials to serve as a foundation.

Panel Designer

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Stackrate will help you to intuitively create customer panels. For every customer panel we will automatically calculate the yield for all working panels that you are using within your shop.

Specification Manager

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You will be able to define different specification sets for your PCB, with just a few clicks. By this means you can easily handle several variants of the same PCB that your customer may request at once.

PCB Pricing

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The innovative PCB Pricing Module will help you to define your individual calculation scheme within a modern infrastructure. You will be able to calculate precise prices in just a matter of seconds.
Reduce your quoting effort and be the first to send out the quotation.

What our partner says

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Picture of Andreas Rudolph

Andreas Rudolph

Technical Lead, EPN Electroprint GmbH

By using Stackrate as our quoting and calculation software, our administrative efforts have been minimized and we have become much faster. Stackrate offers us immediate insight into the prime cost of PCBs improving and speeding up our internal controlling. Our collaboration with the Luminovo guys has always been in our interest and very satisfactory.

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