Tailored Solutions

If you have already identified a deep learning use case in your company, but lack the expertise to develop it or make it scalable and production-ready, we can do it for you. Depending on where you are in the process, we support you with data collection, preparation, building a fully functional model, and deploying it to production.

Use Cases

We can help you with all possible applications for deep learning.

Computer Vision

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Image Classification
& Segmentation
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Object Tracking
& Detection
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Activity Recognition

Natural Language Processing

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Document Classification
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Content Extraction
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Entity Recognition


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Anomaly Detection
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Time Series Analysis
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Automated Control

If you have...

...an important problem and sufficient data (we can help you figure out what sufficient means), we can develop a tailored solution for you.


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    We collaborate to understand the problem and its business impact.



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    We dig deep into the data and choose the right metrics to evaluate our models.



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    We take an agile approach to go through the stages of the deep learning lifecycle.



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    We help you deploy your new model and hand over all results, source code and documentation.

    Recent Examples of our Work

    Infineon logo

    Infineon designs and produces chips. Chip verification requires lengthy testing to reach functional coverage. We built an unsupervised novelty detection algorithm that reduced redundancy in simulations. Thereby, we saved Infineon Technologies 2,400,000 hours of computational time, saved an amount in the double-digit millions per chip design and decreased time-to-market by 3 months.

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    We built a ready-to-deploy model to detect sepsis more reliably. Sepsis detection time of traditional methods is often longer than time to death. Cytovale built a medical device that is able to capture videos of blood cells that are trapped in a force field. Those events can be analyzed with a computer vision model automatically and instantly. We helped them to uncover the weak spots of their current model and explored new methods to push performance and increase reliability. With our help, Cytovale is now able to push into the market of early detection of cell events, which accounts to 1.5bn dollar in the US alone.

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