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The Next-Gen RfQ Software for EMS Providers

Process more quotations in less time and transform your workflows to be data-driven and collaborative.


Trusted by innovative EMS companies across Europe

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Enhance your RfQ Workflows to Outpace Competitors

LumiQuote is the next generation EMS RfQ software with a leading-edge data-driven and collaborative approach. Process more quotations in less time, achieve higher hit rates with more competitive quotes, and transform your business to be future-proof.

Trusted by Innovative EMS Companies Across Europe

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Traditional calculation and quoting processes can hold you back

As an EMS in today's electronics industry, you are facing a competitive environment. Winning clients is increasingly difficult, margins are squeezed, differentiation is harder, and quoting needs to be faster.

This transformation is widening the gap of success between companies with traditional approaches and the ones with modern mindsets. We developed the next generation EMS RfQ software called LumiQuote to support those on their journey who are ready to rethink their current RfQ management.

Set yourself apart with a modern user experience for your clients and employees

LumiQuote rfq management software feature BOM importer

Complete RfQs at lightning speed

Having to switch between email, Excel, and several other tools to process an RfQ and all associated data takes time and bears a high risk of information getting lost. LumiQuote moves your quoting process end-to-end into one workspace, so you can collaboratively work with your colleagues in real-time and have smart algorithms help you process even the messiest BOMs.

BOM Importer Feature Icon

BOM Importer

Compliance and Obsolescence Management Feature Icon

Compliance and Obsolescence Management

Multi-User Access Feature Icon

Multi-User Access

Real-Time Updates Feature Icon

Real-Time Updates

Document Management Feature Icon

Document Management

Achieve higher margins

Manually gathering list and contract prices is a cumbersome task, as is sending out Excels to distributors to get quote prices. LumiQuote gives you automatic insight into historical and market prices and allows you to double your focus on the parts that really matter. With our supplier quote portal, getting quote prices into your calculations is easier than ever before.

Meta Search and Distributor API Integration Feature Icon

Meta Search and Distributor API Integration

Internal Price Database Feature Icon

Internal Price Database

Distributor Quote Portal Feature Icon

Supplier Quote Portal

LumiQuote rfq management software feature automatic sourcing
LumiQuote rfq management software feature collaboration

Resolve issues seamlessly

With every RfQ there comes back and forth communication, negotiation, consultation, and updated agreements with the OEM. Having to do this via email, Excel, phone, and various mixed channels can be inefficient and tedious. LumiQuote enables direct communication, real-time status updates, and live collaboration on online BOMs to make part approvals and solving issues smoother, leaving clients more delighted than ever.

Shared RfQ Dashboard Feature Icon

Shared RfQ Dashboard

BOM Digital Twin Feature Icon

BOM Digital Twin

Communication Platform Feature Icon

Communication Platform

Alternatives Approval and Management Feature Icon

Alternatives Approval and Management

Gain end-to-end insights into your RFQ process

Uncover your hidden key performance indicators effortlessly and identify early on any potential for improvement. No matter if it's the hit rate, response time, or any other strategic key figures, they will be visible in the analytics dashboard. This is made possible by the digital end-to-end processing of the entire workflow.

Boost collaboration with customers & suppliers

Communication with business partners via multiple channels, such as e-mail, phone, or video conferencing, is prone to misunderstandings, information gaps, and duplicate work in cross-functional teams. Centralized communication and documentation of interactions with customers and supply chain partners streamline mutual understanding and collaboration inside and outside the company.

Get a peek into our software and its main features in a 5-minute explanatory video.

All the features you need

BOM Importer Feature Icon 2

BOM Importer

Extract the essence of diverse Excel BOMs and turn them into a clean, digital format
Compliance and Obsolesence Management Feature Icon 2

Compliance and Obsolescence Management

Include compliance and obsolescence into your BOM assessment powered by external data sources
Multi-User Access Feature Icon 2

Multi-User Access

Collaborate with all involved team members on the same platform at the same time
Real-Time Updates Feature Icon 2

Real-Time Updates

See changes right away and always be on the same page with your colleagues
Document Management Feature Icon 2

Document Management

Store and manage documents linked to the correct part of the process
Meta Search and Distributor API Integration Feature Icon 2

Meta Search and Distributor API Integration

Get a quick overview of public and private online prices by our rich API Integrations
Internal Price Database Feature Icon 2

Internal Price Database

Grow your internal price database over time to see market price in context
Distributor Quote Portal Feature Icon 2

Supplier Quote Portal

Request quotes from suppliers directly on the platform without having to switch to email and Excel
Shared RfQ Dashboard Feature Icon 2

Shared RfQ Dashboard

Manage RfQ details and status in a shared view with the OEM
BOM Digital Twin Feature Icon 2

BOM Digital Twin

Capture the current status of the BOM within its digital twin, visible to you and the OEM
Alternatives Approval and Management Feature Icon 2

Alternatives Approval and Management

Manage requests for alternatives more smoothly with the OEM and get approval without unnecessary complications
Communication Platform Feature Icon 2

Communication Platform

Comment and give feedback in the same tool where you aggregate all data connected to the RfQ

How to start your transformation with LumiQuote

Step 1

Schedule a free demo

Talk to our product specialists and set a date for you to experience LumiQuote during a live introduction.
Step 2

Define your requirements

Together we will explore your current RfQ management system and your needs to figure out how LumiQuote can deliver the most value for you.
Step 3

Plan your start

Together we will match your requirements with our roadmap. We are constantly developing our product and want to make sure that you join us at the stage that is most advantagous for you.

Our promise to you

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We've got you covered from PCBA to box-builds

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We use German cloud services with the highest security standards

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We get you up and running in hours instead of weeks

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We guarantee flexible rights management, so you control who can see which data

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We are backed by outstanding investors contributing to technological progress

What our partners say

Lacon Electronic GmbH Logo 2
Client Dr. Ralf Hasler, CEO Lacon Electronic GmbH

Dr. Ralf Hasler

CEO, Lacon Electronic GmbH

In the past, we developed a software internally to deal with the complexity of RfQ management and calculations. This is why we recognized the potential of LumiQuote for our processes and our business early. With the help of Luminovo we are now moving away from our Excel-based processes and into a truly digital age of quoting and calculation.

Lacon Electronic GmbH Logo 2
Marc Kessler, CEO Kessler Systems GmbH, Testimonial

Marc Kessler

CEO, Kessler Systems GmbH

In the highly competitive EMS market, we want to continuously develop our current processes in order to further strengthen our market position as an innovator in the EMS industry against our competition. By choosing Luminovo, we firmly believe that our customers will directly benefit from shorter response times and resulting in faster quoting and lead times for their products.

Binder Elektronik GmbH Logo
Client Christian Rückert, CEO, Binder Elektronik GmbH

Christian Rückert

CEO, Binder Elektronik GmbH

I have found Luminovo to be extremely customer-centric, actively listening to the needs of individual users in order to develop an EMS quoting tool that not only helps but is also enjoyed by everyone. Working with the team is generally extremely pleasant, open, and collaborative at all levels.

Binder Elektronik GmbH Logo
Client Gerd Ohl, MD, Limtronik GmbH

Gerd Ohl

Managing Director, Limtronik GmbH

Estimating the manufacturing costs for a new assembly was always a cumbersome and time consuming process. Partnering up with Luminovo helps us to fundamentally rethink our approach and develop a more concise and automated process inspired by industry wide best practices. It's a pleasure to work with the team in such an open, innovative and trustful manner.

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