Drive progress by augmenting human intelligence

We speed-up repetitive processes on images and text, leveraging the best of human and artificial intelligence


We solve business problems with the help of deep learning.

No matter what stage your business is at, we help you realize the full potential of your data.

Image classification
& segmentation

Object tracking
& detection






Time series


Our AI solution scope

We support you along the entire journey from understanding AI and pioneering new use-cases, to building and deploying reliable deep learning systems.

Use-case discovery

Our experts analyze your company and develop new ways to incorporate AI into your core product or business processes.

Hybrid AI platform

We speed up repetitive image & text workflows in your company with our hybrid learning platform.

Tailored AI systems

We build scalable AI products tailored to your needs and help you deploy them seamlessly into your organization.

The Luminovo Team

We have years of experience accelerating research in artificial intelligence and incorporating this research in business processes and core products.

Meet the team

What our clients say

Ulrich Nerz

Senior Director R&D, Infineon
“The cooperation with Luminovo broke new grounds for us in the field of machine learning for functional verification in hardware development. Their tailored solution is unique in the EDA market and offers potential savings of over 30% in computational costs for us.”

Armin Bauer

Managing Director, IDnow
“Luminovo met the expectation of being one of the best in their field. Our close collaboration allowed us to launch our fully-automatic verification solution AutoIdent, which is cutting the costs per identification by 96%. In that, Luminovo built a system that verifies the authenticity of ID documents based on security features.”

Annina Neumann

VP Data Technology, Pro7Sat1 Media
"As part of our AI initiatives, we are working together with Luminovo to build a hybrid learning platform. Luminovo contributes with its profound expertise and fresh, innovative ideas. The cooperation is trusting, open and fun."

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