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The Next Generation EMS RfQ Software

Complete RfQs at Lightning Speed

Have your end-to-end quoting process all in one workspace, collaborate with your colleagues in real-time and receive support from smart algorithms.

Offer More Competitive Prices

Have list and pre-negotiated prices automatically integrated, simplify the process of adding negotiated prices, and save time for more important tasks.

Resolve Issues Seamlessly

Delight your clients with direct communication, real-time status updates and live collaboration on online BOMs.

On a Mission to Bring Innovations Faster to Everyone

With everything we do at Luminovo we are striving to accelerate technological progress. We are on a mission to bring innovations faster to everyone by reducing the time and resources needed to go from an idea to a market-ready electronic product. For that, we are working towards building the all-encompassing Electronics Operating System based on smart algorithms and a collaborative approach to enable seamless communication throughout the entire value chain and advance engineering and overhead processes.

What Our Partners Say

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Dr. Ralf Hasler

CEO, Lacon Electronic GmbH

In the past, we developed our own quotation software internally to deal with the complexity of RFQ management and calculations. This is why we recognized the potential of LumiQuote for our processes and our business early. With the help of Luminovo we are now moving away from our Excel-based processes and into a truly digital age of quoting and calculation.

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Marc Kessler

CEO, Kessler Systems GmbH

In the highly competitive EMS market, we want to continuously develop our current processes in order to further strengthen our market position as an innovator in the EMS industry against our competition. By choosing Luminovo, we firmly believe that our customers will directly benefit from shorter response times and resulting in faster quotation and lead times for their products.

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Christian Rückert

CEO, Binder Elektronik GmbH

I have found Luminovo to be extremely customer-centric, actively listening to the needs of individual users in order to develop a tool that not only helps but is also enjoyed by everyone. Working with the team is generally extremely pleasant, open, and collaborative at all levels.

What the Press Says

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