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The Deep Learning Toolset

Every problem worth solving needs great tools for support. Deep learning is no exception. If anything, it is a realm in which good tooling will become ever more important over the coming years.

Timon Ruban
November 28, 2018
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The future of education and how AI can help shape it

Digitalization has not only affected our private lives but also the vocational world. In her book “The New Education”, university professor Davidson predicts that 65% of jobs that will be available for students in 15 years do not exist yet.

Why you should see AI as your future best friend!

At Luminovo, we are convinced that AI will primarily complement human work by automating repetitive tasks, rather than substituting it. Discover why you should see AI as your future best friend and what it looks like beyond the hype.

Mythbusters: 7 common myths about AI

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most hyped topics of recent years. Naturally, a lot of superficial knowledge has found its way into the press and the minds of the general public. In this post, I want to uncover a few of those misconceptions.

The second paradigm shift in AI

With the advent of deep learning there has been a major shift in how AI engineers work. Now it looks like there might be another shift on the horizon: Neural Architecture Search.

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AI and the question of explainability

Do we need to understand our models in order to trust them?

Data Privacy in Machine Learning

Data privacy - one of machine learning’s biggest challenges and how to tackle it

AI in Medical Imaging

Why is it that despite countless papers demonstrating proof-of-concept and high performance on validation sets, AI adoption by the healthcare industry is relatively scarce?

Of Brains and Computers

Conversations about AI are difficult. This is partially due to people having different definitions, or not even consistently standing behind one definition, but rather forming their opinion based on some fluctuating intuition of what AI is.

Mythbusters reloaded: 7 more myths about AI

It has been over half a year since I published the article Mythbusters: 7 common myths about AI. On my quest to demystify AI, I have held many workshops and talks. In this follow-up post, I have collected and debunked seven more frequently encountered myths.

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